Shurflo 9300 Submersible 12-24 VDC Pump







Shurflo 9300 Submersible Pump

Use this lightweight submersible pump for livestock, irrigation or remote home application with low water requirements. The 9300 (9325-043-101) is a positive displacement diaphragm type pump with very high efficiency, but a much shorter life than centrifugal or helical rotor pumps. Diaphragm should be replaced every two to four years, depending on pumping volume.

The SHURflo 9300 (9325-043-101) can be operated on a 12- or 24-volt battery, or, with the use of one of the SHURflo Pump Controls, directly on a PV array. The pump can lift 1.3 gpm to 230 feet and can pump nearly 2 gpm from very shallow wells. It measures only 3.75" diameter x 12" long. Performance on a 12-volt battery or solar panel will be less than half the flow on the accompanying table. 1-year warranty.

The 902-200 controller comes in an outdoor enclosure with water level sensors and sensor wire. It can be operated from a 12V or 24V array. Water sensors hang in the well and are used to prevent dry running in very low yield wells.

The 902-100 control must be mounted in a dry location and used with a 24V array.

Both the 902-100 and 902-200 have the ability to connect to a float switch that will stop the pump when a cistern or holding tank is full.

Note: The outside diameter of this pump is 3.75 inches. It is suitable for wells with a 4 inch diameter or larger.

The ShurFlo 9300 (9325-043-101) is a DC submersible well pump designed to pump water from 0 to 230 feet. Requires 4" or larger well casing. Runs off of 12 to 30 volts, intended primarily for panel-direct operation with a controller in the 20-30 volts range. 4.1 amps max. For best performance, especially in low light conditions and for increased flow during the day and particularly in early morning and late afternoon a pump controller, such as the 902-100 or 902-200 should be used. For potable water only.

The 9300 (9325-043-101) delivers a steady 112 GPH (422 LPH) at its maximum lift of 230 feet (70M) when supplied with 24 VDC. Its unique water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation problems. For livestock watering, irrigation, pond areation, remote homes and cabins.

We have put together Shurflo 9300 solar water pumping system kits with the correct panel size corresponding to the max head required. If you have any questions please call us.


  • Motor: Permanent Magnet, Thermally Protected
  • 24 Volts DC
  • 120 Watts
  • 4.0 Amps Max
  • Fuse: 7.5 Amp Automotive
  • Internal Bypass: 105-110 P.S.I. Max
  • 12"L x 3.75"D
  • 6 lbs.
  • Maximum Lift: 230 feet
  • Maximum Submersion: 100 feet
Array Direct Performance (24V array)
Vertical lift Minimum solar array size Flow rate (gpm) Amps @ 30V
20 2 x 32 watts 1.95 1.5
40 2 x 32 watts 1.90 1.7
60 2 x 50 watts 1.81 2.1
80 2 x 50 watts 1.76 2.4
100 2 x 50 watts 1.71 2.6
120 2 x 50 watts 1.68 2.8
140 2 x 80 watts 1.65 3.1
160 2 x 80 watts 1.63 3.3
180 2 x 80 watts 1.55 3.6
200 2 x 80 watts 1.52 3.8
230 2 x 80 watts 1.36 4.1


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