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Pre-Designed Systems

Why a Packaged System?

The process of choosing the right equipment for your renewable energy system can sometimes become overwhelming. That's why The Solar Store has put together a variety of pre-packaged systems balanced for typical residential use. These can be used as a starting place when working with us to design a system that best meets your particular needs.

Can I Upgrade or Expand?

All of our pre-packaged systems feature a central "power panel." Any power panel that is purchased with a single inverter can be upgraded by purchasing another identical inverter and DC breaker sometime in the future. Another charge controller and breaker can also be installed at a later date if you want to expand your PV array. PV arrays can be expanded by purchasing identical or equivalent modules and mounts.

We have several articles that can help in explaining the differences between Off Grid and Grid Tied Systems and help with the design and sizing of Off Grid Systems

The first step in sizing an off grid system is to calculate the amount of power needed to run your appliances then you can use this information to calculate the size of the solar array required.

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