Dankoff SIP Water Pumping Kits

Dankoff SIP Water Pumping Kits

For the easiest method of installing a solar powered water pump, we recommend the Dankoff Solar Simple Independent Pumping (SIP) kits. They are designed and assembled by the manufacturer which reduces the chance for errors or problem that may void the warranty. There are three different units to choose from. The SP1 and SP2 are powered by direct solar and the SP1-B comes with a battery backup so that the pump can be operated at night or in adverse weather conditions. Dankoff also offers an extended battery backup kit, the ADD4, which increases the total days of autonomy to 5 or 6 depending upon the location and application. The SIP kits are designed for fresh water pumping from sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, shallow wells, holding tanks and cisterns. The kits come with everything you need except for the solar panels, solar panel mounts and a copper grounding rod.

WHAT  is a  SIP Kit?Simple  Independent  Pumping  Kit   

  • Self-contained, pre-assembled kits for moving and pressurizing surface water with the power of the sun
  • Surface water solutions without relying on or paying your utility (off-grid)
  • Kits producing from 200 - 375 Gallons Per Hour

WHEN  to use a SIP Kit  -  Surface water sources such as:  

  • Rivers  
  • Lakes  
  • Ponds  
  • Shallow Wells  
  • Holding Tanks  
  • Cisterns 


WHY use a SIP Kit   

  • No electricity available  
  • Expensive electricity   
  • Unreliable electricity  
  • Focus on sustainable living  



  • Save time sizing, selecting, and sourcing the various plumbing and electrical parts, as well as system components(charge controller, batteries, over-current protection,…etc)  – many not carried by your local store  
  • Save time installing –  reduces installation time by 5 hours !  
  •  Securely, pre-mounted components  
  • Pre-wired and pre-plumbed major system components  
  • Pre-punched, water-tight Input/Output connections.  No time building or fabricating an enclosure. 



  •  Eliminate payments to a utility for a solution you can provide yourself  
  •  Allows for portability - seasonal movement / movement in general 



  • Get the best – superior system design, enclosure, and additional components from trusted industry names  
  •  Have water when the electrical grid goes down – even as weather patterns become more inconsistent and volatile, the sun will rise. 

For concerns about periods of rain or cloudy weather, use our  battery – based kit  

RESOLVE the finer points of the installation process  

  • Proper system ventilation 
  • System grounding  
  • Over-current protection   
  • Portability   
  • Priming of the pump   
  • Battery and Charge Controller sizing and selection  


  • Reduce possibility of voiding warranty –  SIP   Kits  are designed and pre-assembled by Dankoff Solar Pu mps (the manufacturer) in a controlled environment  
  • Reduce possibility of destruction of system compone nts or decreased performance due to installation er rors  

**Price does not include solar panels or panel racking  

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