Xantrex C40 C-40 3-Stage PWM Solar Charge Controller/ Diversion Load Controller,

Xantrex C40 C-40 3-Stage PWM Solar Charge Controller/ Diversion Load Controller,

Model: 020-08005

Brand: Xantrex

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Xantrex C40 C-40 3-Stage PWM Solar Charge Controller/ Diversion Load Controller, 40 Amp, 12, 24, or 48 Volt

The Xantrex C-35, C-40, and C-60 PWM (pulse width modulator) controllers can be used as PV charge controllers, DC load controllers or DC diversion regulators in 12-, 24- and 48-volt systems (only the C-40 can be used in 48-volt systems). They operate in only one mode at a time, so two controllers must be used to provide both PV charge controller and low battery load disconnect. As DC load controllers they disconnect the load at a user-settable low voltage and reconnect at a higher voltage reconnect point. As diversion controllers they send excess power to a "dummy load" (such as a water or space heater) to regulate hydroelectric or wind generators. When used in diversion mode, derate the amperage by 25%. All Xantrex controllers, when used as a charge controller, have field-adjustable bulk and float set points and perform automatic equalization every 30 days or whenever LVD is reached. Equalization can be manually initiated with automatic shut-off. Order the optional temperature sensor for a more accurate battery charge controller. The optional LCD digital display shows battery voltage, array amps and watts, cumulative amp-hours and a separately resettable "trip" amp-hour measurement. The digital display is available for mounting on the front of the charge controller, or with a 50- or 100-foot cable for remote mounting in a double-gang electrical box. UL Listed. 2-year warranty.

Xantrex C40 3-Stage PWM Solar Charge Controller
Current: 40 Amps
System Voltage: 12/24/48 Volt
Optional LCD display (select above)

Detailed Description:

A Controller for Virtually any DC Charging Source. The Xantex C40 is a fully solid state, microprocessor-driven controllers that is UL and cUL listed. The C Series, Xantrex C40 charge controller may be configured for 12, 24, or 48 VDC operation. It can be used as a battery charge, DC load control or DC diversion operation and comes with a standard multi-color charge status LED.

Standard Features
Silent Microprocessor Control. All C Series controllers have a powerful microprocessor at their core which increases system performance and maximizes battery life. They are fully solid state and operate silently.

PWM Charge Performance
C Series controllers all use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging profiles which are designed to provide a full charge to your battery while, at the same time, minimize gassing which can shorten battery life.

3-Stage Battery Charging
All C Series controllers automatically initiate a 3-stage battery charging cycle. Bulk, Absorption, and Float modes are used to ensure that voltage and current settings accurately match the batteries' actual state of charge. This means fast-as-possible charging and extended battery life. An auto equalize mode can be easily switched off when the controller is used with sealed batteries. C Series controllers are factory set for solar PV battery charging operation.

Field Adjustable
There are a number of field configurable, user adjustments for C Series controllers. The C40 may be configured for 12, 24 or 48 volt systems. Bulk and Float voltage set points are user adjustable which allows use with a wide variety of battery technologies including; flooded lead acid, gel, and absorbed glass mat. In addition, there are manually selectable settings for Nicad batteries.

DC Load Controller Mode
When used as a load controller, the C Series will automatically turn a DC load on or off at predetermined battery voltage settings. Both LVD (low voltage disconnect) and LVR (low voltage reconnect) set points are user adjustable.

DC Diversion Mode
In this mode, all power, which is not used to maintain a full charge on the batteries, is diverted to a load dump such as water or space heaters. Diversion mode is used to regulate microhydro and wind turbine systems which need a constant load.

LED Status Indicator
A simple to read, multi-color LED indicates operating status and is standard on all C Series controllers.

UL and cUL Listed
C Series controllers are listed by UL to exacting UL 1741 and cUL CSA 22.2 107.1-95 standards. C Series controllers are also CE compliant (European countries) and are designed to CTIK standards (Australia). Their current ratings are "real world" and do not have to be derated to comply with USA NEC 125% overcurrent requirements.

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