PICO Pump Drivers

PICO Pump Drivers

The PicoCell family of controllers is universally compatible across a variety of pumps and solar panels.  It will operate most pumps or motors up to 3hp regardless of whether they are single or three phase, 50 or 60Hz, and 115 or 230V. The PicoCell will operate with any type of PV panel providing flexibility in array design.  One controller, universal simplicity.

The PicoCell can run either single or three phase pumps, both 115 and 230Vac, and 50 or 60Hz, just by selecting the correct DIP switch combination that matches the AC pump’s parameters. Because the PicoCell is a firmware based architecture it can “adapt” the power to accommodate the initial power surge needed to start an AC motor. The PicoCell greatly simplifies the design, procurement and installation of a solar pumping system. By representing an integrated system that incorporates the functionality normally served by a complex mix of system components such as an inverter, variable frequency drive, MPPT controller, voltage boost and phase initiator (for 3 wire motors). All of this functionality is in one integrated device with a form factor smaller than a common tissue box.

The PicoCell represents a truly universal solar controller where the same unit can run any AC motor load: pump, compressor, fan, etc. To optimize system efficiency the unit generates a true sine wave with variable frequency to match the available power coming from the solar PV with pump power at all times.


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