Solar Water Pumping Kits and Systems for Farm, Ranch and Livestock

Solar Water Pumps - Using Solar to Pump Water in Remote Off-grid Places - Without Expensive Batteries


It’s true, you can pump water using solar - not only small amounts of water for things like a landscape fountain - but LARGE, daily amounts of water that your crops, and your livestock need to survive and thrive. 

With our help ranchers and farmers are harnessing the power of the sun to cut costs, increase efficiency, and save many hours in labor. With solar panel prices dropping and the cost of running grid-tied utility lines increasing it’s never been a better time to use solar to pump water on your farm, ranch, or remote off-grid location. 



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We work close with all of our products. We've lived off-grid for over 15-years. Here are some of our favorite solar water pumps. 

Grunfos SQFlex Solar Water Pumps

Grunfos SQFlex Solar Water Pumping Kits

Aquatec Submersible Solar Water Pumps


Prices on Solar Panels and Water Pumps Are Dropping

Pumping water with solar has been around for years but it was fairly expensive. The cost of the equipment versus the cost of running power lines weren’t that far apart. But this has all changed. As solar technology gets better so does the DC powered water pump technology. And the prices are decreasing every year. Getting a system today is easier and more affordable than before. Solar panels have never been cheaper to buy, the price of water pumping systems are declining, and it’s so easy to get started. 

Save Even More When You DIY

To save you even more, the systems we design for you are so simple a good DIYer can install them easily. We provide a detailed installation manual with each system.

Pump Water Anywhere You Need

Solar water pumps can be used in virtually ANY watering scenario. We will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what solar water pump, or solar water pump kit to buy. And as always, we help thousands of people just like you find what will work best for their specific needs - reach out to us with any questions - Contact Us Here or Get A Quote


Why Pumping Water Using Solar Makes Sense Cents

Water pumps have come a long way. Older pumps only operated on AC power - meaning the pump needed to be connected to the power grid. If you didn’t have access to the power grid your options were to get the utility company to run powerlines or to lug a generator around wherever you needed the water to be pumped. 

Having the utility company run powerlines can cost between $25 and $50 a foot - or between $64,000 and $132,000 per half mile. A solar powered water pump kit can cost you between $1000 and $7,000 based on your needs.

Using a generator sounds like a great idea until you realize you have to fill it up with gas every few hours - which uses valuable manpower. 

But now some water pumps can operate on AC or DC (direct current, like a battery or solar) - and sometimes either AC or DC. 

Take for instance - one of our FAVORITE solar powered water pumps - the Grundfos SQFlex solar pumps. This pump can be connected to solar panels, wind turbines, generators, batteries, inverter, or directly plugged into the house. Made by the largest manufacturer of water pumps in the world - Grundfos. Learn More About Grundfos SQFlex Solar Water Pumps.    

Solar Water Pumps Makes Sense for Irrigation

Most farms and ranches have so much land that pushing large amounts of water takes planning, money, and valuable time. Not only that but the old systems of moving water around are highly inefficient and create just as many problems as it solves. 

Take Michael Paine, an organic farmer out of Yamhill Oregon.

michael paine next to his solar array for his farm in oregonPhoto Credit - "U.S. Department of Agriculture."

He was able to save valuable hours, use water more efficiently, and cut the overall water consumption in half with a solar water pump for his agriculture. 

Michael was using gas powered generators to push water around their organic farm. They had to fill up the generators every two hours - they did this for 3-years! It required stopping a job just to run around the farm andand fill up the tanks with fuel. The pumps used with generators create such high pressure the water is hard to control. The water spray is so wide it creates a haven for weeds that leads to unnecessary weed management. 

Michael figured by switching to a solar water pumping system he could save massive amounts of time by not filling the generators constantly and virtually killing weeds before they start growing.up  His irrigation system included a redesign on how they delivered water to the crops. 

And he was right. 

By using solar power to push water into holding tanks during the day, he then set up a drip irrigation system to water his crops. His drip system uses much less water, almost half as much. As well as reduced the large spray that normally happened with the high pressure AC pumps. Michael estimated they saved  so much time he claims they might actually be able to take a day off!

Solar powered watering systems are more simple than you think. Solar pumps are so efficient they can be used to lift water up to 800-feet of head height - all while powered by solar, and no batteries. They don't require much maintenance and kats for years. 

Solar Pumps for Livestock

image of a solar array next to a pond for livestock watering on solar Clean water has a direct link to good animal health. Many farms and ranches have so much space that it’s very challenging to supply clean water on a regular basis. Or a common issue is a single water source on the land. The herds concentrate near the water source making it hard to balance the land and keep the water clean. A concentration of livestock in a single area soon overworks it. If it’s near a water source you can bet there will be heavy erosion and the possibility of poor water quality for your animals and your neighbors downstream. 

Heavy Erosion
This is exactly what Spring Valley Ranch experienced on their 650-acre pasture. Heavy usage near a concentrated source that created a big issue with erosion and left the rest of the land under-utilized. 

Healthier Livestock
But what they didn’t realize was how a water pump powered by solar and integrated into the right water system would lead to a healthier land, healthier animals, and the ability to save a good chunk of change. Read more of the story here - Spring Valley Ranch Saves Money and Creates a Healthier Farm

The solar water pump system for Spring Valley Ranch costs between $5,000 and $7,000 and has a life expectancy of about 15-20-years. That’s over $10,000 in savings compared to running power lines at $4.75 a foot and a monthly power bill at $30 per pump. 

Pumping water on solar is easily accessible, even for those who have an option to run grid-tied power. If you haven’t a clue where to start or if a solar pump is right for you - Click here or Use the "Quote Me" in the lower right corner of your screen. 


Can Solar Panels Run a Water Pump by Itself, without a battery?

Yes - an efficient water pump designed to work off solar and other DC devices can use the sun as it’s only source of power. These types of pumps are mechanically different and do not require the same big power consumption as older AC powered water pumps. Pumps designed to work on solar power are much more efficient and cheaper to run.  

Older AC Pumps Use More Power

Older water pumps and even new AC (grid-tied power) water pumps use a different mechanism to pump water. These types of pumps must generate a fair bit of pressure and consume a fair bit of power to operate properly. Even at low pressure they need to consume just as much power to produce desired results. They are still useful if you need to push and or pressurize massive amounts of water, but for many applications they are power hungry and overpressure the lines.

Enter The Solar Powered Water Pump (DC Powered)

Over the years these pumps keep getting better and better. They require less energy to do the same amount of work. These types of pumps can use up to 50% less energy per gallon as a conventional AC pump. With such a low power draw these types of pumps can be used with renewable energy devices like solar, and wind turbines Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning engines and installing expensive power lines. With the right setup they can be made portable - endless options and benefits.


Types of Solar Powered Water Pumps - Submersible and Surface Pumps

There are two types of DC powered water pumps, submersible and surface pumps. Submersible pumps are used with wells while surface pumps can be used to pump from various water sources such as streams or ponds. We’ve written more about the different types of pumps and how to use them - Read More About Submersible and Surface Water Pumps

Pumping Water With a Battery

While batteries may seem like a good idea, they have a number of disadvantages in pumping systems. 

  1. They reduce the efficiency of the overall system. 

  2. They are another source of problems and maintenance. 

  3. They add cost to the system. 

There are occasions when batteries may be necessary, such as when water needs to be pumped during the night or during cloudy conditions. 

If you need to use batteries in your water pumping system we recommend looking at our Dankoff Flowlight Booster Pumps 

If you need help or want a quote please go here - Get A Quote Here

Pumping Water Without a Battery or PV-Direct Water Pumps

PV is short for photovoltaic, it’s the technical reference for solar panel(s). In PV-direct systems the solar panel directly powers the water pump. PV-direct systems are one of the most affordable pumping systems as there are usually only three components - The solar panel(s), water pump controller, and the water pump. 

There are three main options for PV-direct systems:

  1. PV-direct with gravity delivery or direct-to-source (e.g., stock tank).This is the least complex and therefore usually the most cost-effective option. This system is well-suited for hilly terrain due to the ability to gravity-feed individual stock watering troughs from the primary tank.

  2. PV-direct to storage tank with booster pump (pressurized delivery). This option has more complexity and cost due to its booster pump, pump accessories, and the need for extra PV power. Because it’s not always possible or advisable to run two loads from one PV array, boosters are usually used on battery-based systems. These systems usually include a pressure tank so the booster pump does not have to run all the time water is being used.

  3. PV-direct to an oversized pressure tank. Although this system is fairly straightforward there is an added pressure tank. Due to the addition of the pressure tank, it requires a pump and array sufficient to handle the additional work needed for the pressure tank. 


We’re Here to Help

We carry a wide variety of solar pumps both submersible systems, surface systems, and pre-designed systems. And as always, we work with what we carry so if you have questions or need help designing your own personal system you can - Use the Quote Me Button on the bottom right corner of your screen, or you can Contact The Solar Store Here

We’ve put together several fully pre-designed solar water pumping kits. Check out those kits here:
Pre-Designed Solar Water Pumping Kits Grundfos Pre Designed Systems

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Shurflo 9300 Submersible 12-24 VDC Pump

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Why Solar Powered Water Pumps Are A Better Option

Works Where the Sun Shines

It’s not always possible to power a water pump with grid-tied power, but it is possible to power water anywhere the sun shines - and even if it doesn’t shine that much. Solar water pumps can be used in remote places - easily - with only a few components. 

Cheaper Than Utility Power

Starting at around $4.75 a foot to run grid-tied power lines, the costs add up fast. Even small distances can take years to pay off. Additionally, each year you’ll have a power bill that keeps going up. Solar water pump systems can last up to 20-years, and solar panels 25-years. 

Portable for Irregular Water Pumping

Solar water pumping kits are so simple they can be made into a portable system and moved around the farm. So if you have areas that don’t require constant watering a portable system could be just the solution.

Pull Water from Any Source

Solar powered water pumps generally have a soft start feature and do not require torque arrestors. pull water at a much slower rate, but more consistently. They can also be outfitted with switching mechanisms and timers to control when the water pumps. They make a great option for slow filling wells, or shallow water sources.   


Using Solar for Different Water Pumping Applications

Using solar to pump water is very versatile. In general, pumping water using solar power is going to result in a smaller amount of water pumped at one time compared to a grid-tied pump. But the pumping of water is more efficient so it requires a smaller amount of energy for the same work done. And it can be pumped ALL DAY LONG.

Pumping Surface Water

DC power surface water pumps are generally less expensive than DC powered submersible pumps, but they can push water a very long way. Surface pumps can draw water from any source where the water level is no further than 20-feet below the pump. Both surface and submersible pumps do better at pushing water rather than sucking water. 

Check out our surface pumps here - The Solar Store Surface Pumps

Pumping From a Well

If you’re pumping from a well you’ll likely need a submersible water pump. We have pumps that can deliver 1-gallon per minute up to 75-gallons per minute and pumps that can push over 20,000 gallons a day. 

Check out our collection of submersible pumps here - The Solar Store Submersible Pumps

Pumping to a Cistern or Tank

Most solar water pumping systems pump into a tank or a cistern, or some other type of water storage. However, there are instances where either storage is not an option or is not desired. We can help you design your water system that will include a solar water pump and any other devices you might need. We have a selection of float and pressure switches and the ability to use a battery back-up. To learn more check out our Solar Water Pumping Overview

Pumping Water When the Power is Shut Off

Pumping water on solar is so versatile that home owners, farmers and ranchers in California are turning to solar water pumps when the utility company turns off the grid during fire season. Which is exactly the time you need water the most. Solar water pumps can be used for your current well, stream, or other storage. 

And as always, you can reach out to us for help or start a quote and we will help design the right system for you - Request a Solar Water Pumping Quote


How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a Solar Pump?

It can be as small as a 50-watt solar panel or as large, or larger as a 2,000-watt system. One of our largest pre-designed solar pumping kits is 1,820-watt of solar and can draw from 820-feet down check out a powerful kit here - Grundfos SQFlex Pre-designed Kit using 11 sqf-2 pump 11 gpm

Instead of Solar Sizing - Start With Your Water Needs

When sizing any solar water pump system you should start with the water, or better yet the amount of water needed. To size a solar pumping system you’ll need to know: 

  1. How much water do you need?

  2. What’s the water source?

  3. Measurements from and to your water source.

  4. A solar site analysis. (if you have good sun, no shade, etc.)

  5. Total Dynamic Head (TDH). (Pumping distance plus any losses)

Then choosing a pump and sizing the solar is simple. Check out our resource here for System Sizing. Or you can hit the “Quoet Me ” at the lower corner of your screen and we’ll get you some recommendations. 


Solar Pump Warranties, Longevity, Replacement Parts

Some pumps we carry are maintenance free and  have a long lifespan of 15 years, other pumps such as the economical diaphragm pumps might need maintenance every 3-5 years. Many of these pumps are designed with parts that are easily replaced. We carry the pumps and systems, and all the parts for regular maintenance that might need to be replaced. It’s a good idea to purchase any replacement parts with your initial purchase for any regular maintenance your pump calls for. 

Most if not all solar panels we carry come with a full 25-year warranty, and then even after that the solar panels are likely performing at 80% or better their rated output. 


Installing a Solar Water Pump - DIY Kits

rancher installing a DIY solar water pump system

If you’re a handy type of person, and most farmers and ranchers have to be, installing your own solar water pump kit won’t be all that difficult. 

To give you a good idea of what is involved here is a video from Grundfos installing the SQFlex Solar.

To support you even further we have a page of
helpful tips when installing solar well pumps.

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