Aquatec SWP Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

Aquatec SWP Submersible Water Pumps (Solar Ready)

Aquatec SWP Series submersible water pumps are off-grid, deep-well, submersible water pumps designed for potable water and made to run on renewable resources. The SWP series pumps are designed to supply water to off-grid locations for homes, livestock, and irrigation. But this pump isn’t only for potable water, use it to transfer water to various water sources like from a creek to a pond. And the best part - It’s Made Right Here In The U.S.A.

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Aquatec SWP Series Water Pump Details

  • Safe for Potable Water Use

  • For Well Casings or Borehole of 4-inches or Larger

  • Pump Water at Depths of up to 230-Feet, or 70-Meters (SWP-4000)

  • Max Flow Rate of 5-GPM (SWP-6000)

  • Operate on Any 12-30 Volt DC Power Source. 

  • Great for Solar and Wind, or Battery Power

  • Use with 60 or 72 Cell Solar Panels

  • Use with 12 or 24-volt Battery Banks

  • Stainless Steel Construction (Corrosion Resistant)

  • Field Serviceable 


Aquatec SWP Deep Well Water Pump Models

Aquatec offers 2 models of their SWP series submersible deep well water pumps, SWP-4000 & SWP-6000. Each pump is built using the same high-quality materials making them potable water ready. They are also both able to operate on low DC voltage which makes them perfect for solar power.  

Aquatec SWP-4000 4" Deep Well Diaphragm Water Pump

The Aquatec SWP-4000 is the smaller (diameter) of the two but can pump water from a deeper well, up to 230-feet. Use in wells with a 4” or greater diameter. It has a max flow rate of 1.7-GPM at 20-feet with a DC voltage source of near 30-volts. It’s also a direct competitor to the Shurflo 9300 with similar performance but costing much less - plus it’s made in the U.S.A. 

Aquatec SWP-6000 6" Deep Well Diaphragm Water Pump

The Aquatec SWP-6000 is the larger of the two but can pump water at a much faster rate and has a max depth of 120-feet. Use in wells with a 6” or greater diameter. It can provide up to 5-GPM at 20-feet using a DC voltage source of near 30-volts.


Power Aquatec SWP Series Water Pumps on Solar

The Aquatec SWP Series pumps are designed to operate on low DC voltage. That makes them a perfect pump for solar panels and wind turbines. 

They are designed for a nominal 24-volt DC solar panel array (72-cell solar panel in series), but can also be run with a 60-cell panel. 

These pumps need about 110-watts of solar power to operate at maximum pumping capabilities. But a smaller solar array can be used depending on your water depth or application. If you’re in an area with frequent clouds or overcast days we recommend a larger solar panel array to make up for the lack of sunshine. 110-watts is for “ideal” sunny conditions and longer days. 

Aquatec SWP Solar Water Pumping Kits (Pre-Designed)

Since sizing a solar system to work with your solar water pumping application can be a bit confusing we’ve gone ahead and created a handful of kits to make it easier for you. We’ve designed kits for the SWP-4000, and SWP-6000. Some kits come with or without the mount kit for the solar panels, but they all have the equipment needed for a full solar water pumping kit. 


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Aquatec Pump Controller (A Must Have For Solar)

The Aquatec Pump Controller- Aquatec APC-30-250 DC solar LCB Pump Controller is designed for use with solar but can also work with wind power or batteries. The controller boosts the efficiency of the water pump by optimizing the power it receives from solar. Using the controller will allow you to run the pump in lower light situations, like dawn and dusk. But it also protects the pump from overvoltage, excessive current, or running the pump dry. 

Protect your investment with the Aquatec Pump Controller. It works on solar, wind, and battery.

Aquatec SWP Submersible Water Pumps Parts and Servicing Kits

Aquatec pumps are field maintainable, meaning that you can fix it right where it is with just regular tools. We recommend servicing the SWP-4000 and SWP-6000 every 3 to 5 years. This is a similar timeframe for many positive-displacement submersible deep well diaphragm pumps. Just search our site for the part you need or scroll down this page until you see related products for the Aquatec SWP pumps. 

The Aquatec Advantage over Shurflo

Shurflo is a great water pump but the wires to connect the power source to the pump have to be installed by the user, or a certified dealer. Technically, wiring a pump isn’t difficult, but a small mistake can allow water to enter the pump easily. We’re finding more and more people not taking the time to properly install the wires for the power source and ruining their Shurflo pump. 

But Aquatec makes wiring up your water pump much easier - they wire it at the factory. Each SWP submersible pump is prewired at the factory and sent with a splice kit. The user simply has to make an electrical splice instead of a full wire connection installed on the pump. Aquatec even installs an anti-wicking device near the splice to prevent water from leaking into the pump from a bad splice. They not only make it easier but also reduce installation errors. 

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Aquatec SWP FAQs

Can I use the SWP series pumps without a controller?

While it is possible to use the pump without a controller we do not recommend it. The controller provides certain protections to the pump and optimizes the limited off-grid power to the pump. The most important reason for using a controller is to avoid stalling the pump in low light conditions which usually happens in the early morning or late afternoon or when there is heavy cloud cover.

What is the drop pipe size and type recommended?

1/2” with a max of 3/4”. The reason to keep within 3/4” or smaller is to allow any particles that may enter the pump unit to be discharged through the pipe. A black flexible poly pipe is the easiest and most popular pipe to use since it comes in rolls. 

What type of safety rope should I use?

1/4” min Polypropylene safety rope is recommended.

Can the pumps be run every day?

Yes, these pumps are designed to be run every day 365 days a year.

How can I winterize my discharge lines from the pump?

Pitless adaptors are used below the frost line to avoid freezing. If you do not have a pitless adaptor then one option is to drill a <1/8” hole below the frost line in the discharge pipe that way the water can drain back into the well some reduction in GPM will occur with this method.


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