Aquatec SWP Submersible Pumps

Aquatec SWP Series Submersible Pumps

The Aquatec SWP-Series submersible pump is designed for off-grid locations for home and livestock water needs. It is a positive-displacement diaphragm pump, constructed with high-grade materials that are all safe for potable water usage. This product is made in the U.S.A.

Aquatec offer 2 models of submersible pump. The SWP-4000 has a max gpm of 1.7gpm at 20 feet of head and can be used for TDH up to 230 feet in a 4" or larger casing. The SWP-6000 can provide up to 5 gpm at 20 feet head and can be used for TDH up to 120 feet in a 6" casing.

The pumps are designed to operate from a nominal 24 VDC PV array (72-cells in series), but can also be run with a 60-cell module. The pump requires about 110 W for nominal rated performance, but a larger array will produce the needed power in less light, extending the pumping time and volume delivered in the morning, afternoon, and on cloudy or overcast days.

The Aquatec SWP-4000 pump is a direct competitor to the Shurflo 9300 submersible pump. Unlike the Shurflo 9300 the Aquatec swp-4000 pump is manufactured in the USA. It has several features that have tried to address the issues with the cable plug kit used on the Shurflo 9300 pump. Although in most cases the cable plug kit on the Shurflo 9300 is water tight, if installed incorrectly it can allow water to enter the pump and damage the motor. Aquatec have resolved this issue by using factory installed wires coming from the pump that require a simple splice kit to connect the power input wires to the pump. The Aquatec swp-4000 even uses an anti‐wicking cable entrance to protect the motor from an incorrectly installed splice.  The SWP-4000 has a stainless steel housing and safety rope eyelet compared to Shurflos ABS canister and safety rope eyelet.

One difference the shurflo 9300 series pump does have over the Aquatec is the gpm. The gpm of shurflo 9300 at 20 feet head is 1.95gpm compared to the Aquatec's 1.7gpm at 20 feet. Towards the 230 foot lift the gpm are fairly equal at 1.36gpm ( Shurflo)  and 1.25gpm (Aquatec). If you have a head under the 120 feet and a 6" diameter well casing then the SWP-6000 can provide flow rates of up to 5gpm.

The Aquatec APC Controller is used to protect the pump from over voltage and over current as well as providing MPPT and LCB in conjunction with pump load and includes a float switch connection. It also has some unique features such as wireless dry run protection (no need to put sensors down the well) and a power output dial that can adjust flow rate to match the well recharge rate.

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