About Us

aboutThe Solar Store is a little different. Based in Central Oregon, we live off-grid with wind and solar power so we know and rely on the products we sell. Inspired by our experience, we began The Solar Store in 2001. We now represent over 1000 products and we ship all over the world.

The majority of our customers are Off Grid homeowners as well as government agencies such as NASA, The US Department of Defense, The Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Police Departments, Schools and Universities, Missionary/Disaster Relief projects in the US and Overseas. We provide custom designed systems for remote off-grid homesteaders and RV and Marine applications as well as solar water pumping systems.

We like a challenge: if it can be done, we’ll figure out how you can do it. We offer system design, product recommendations and year-round tech support. Why? Because we enjoy the energy independence that comes with PV and Solar power – and that is our inspiration. We offer the best price solutions we can to make this possible.

Our Team

Mike Owner, System Design, Tech Support

The Solar Store owner, and British Architect Michael Ridden became interested in renewable energy housing while working as an Architect in London UK. He moved to Bend, Oregon in 2000 and bought a bare piece of land in Central Oregon. He lives in his self built off-grid house with his two children. He loves the feeling of self sufficiency that comes with creating your own clean, renewable power. Mike loves growing his own veggies in the desert, electric vehicles and a good Indian curry. In his spare time he is currently working on tent design and renewable energy for disaster relief housing.



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