Zomeworks Low Profile Roof Ground Mount UGMLP156

Zomeworks Low Profile Roof Ground Mount UGMLP156

Model: UGMLP156

Brand: Zomeworks

Price: $488.00 $449.00 

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Zomeworks Low Profile Roof Ground Mount UGMLP156

Accomodates 7 Sharp NE-80EJEA panels,

The ZOMEWORKS Universal Fixed Rack™ is designed to revolutionize mounting of the wide variety of modules on the market.

Two basic model types: Roof/Ground Mount and Top-of-Pole Mount
Both incorporate the following features:

  • Easy assembly
  • Competitive pricing
  • Slotted, custom-formed aluminum channel accommodates any size module
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of module combinations
  • Sturdy, wind-resistant construction
  • Non-corrosive materials

Easy to Transport

Universal Fixed Racks come in easy-to-handle boxes and many can be sent via UPS. All racks fit in the bed of a pick-up truck.

All of our new line of Roof/Ground Mount and Top-of-Pole Mount fixed racks are made with top quality, high strength materials – from the smallest to the largest rack.

Track Record

Zomeworks has been a leader in passive solar energy products since 1969. Our new Universal Fixed Racks continue the Zomeworks tradition of making simpler, better passive solar products for our customers.

10-Year Limited Warranty

All Zomeworks racks are guaranteed for 10 years. No other manufacturer has as many racks in the field, or has been guaranteeing their racks for 10 years. We stand behind our guarantee.

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