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New Zamp Solar Generation 6 Portable Solar Panels and RV Kits

The Zamp Solar line of portable charging kits has been updated and are ready for shipment. The modifications are a result from listening to customers and implementing solutions to some of their needs.

The first modification was to design a easy to use, very strong and sturdy leg without adding weight. The legs of the Zamp Solar Portable Solar Charging Systems slide in and out easily, doesn't collapse (even in strong winds) and doesn't move from the adjusted position.

Another important modification made to make life easier is the Easy View Solar Charge Controller Bracket. The newly designed  Easy View Solar Charge Controller Bracket allows the user to swing the controller out while standing or kneeling to a view-able position and monitor the system. The Easy View Bracket is loaded with a strong spring that keeps the controller flush to the inside of the unit when stored. No need to get down to ground level just to peer at your controller anymore!

Zamp Solar Charge Controller update and changes.

Zamp Solar have upgraded the 80 & 120 watt portable units with a DELUXE 10 Amp 5-Stage PWM Waterproof/Weatherproof Digital Solar Charge Controller. The 160 & 200 Watt portable have been upgraded with a DELUXE 15 Amp 5-Stage PWM Waterproof/Weatherproof Digital Solar Charge Controller. These controllers have LED indicator lights as well as an LCD display screen making monitoring your system easy. 

The last modification involved the wiring harness for the solar portable units. Zamp Solar have switched to a UV rated sheath to protect the wires for years. Currently the estimated lifetime of UV wiring harness is about 15 years. The new UV protected wires are designed to work in the outdoors, moisture resistant and will withstand most solvents. The solar system is only as good as it's components and Zamp Solar supplies the best. 

It's easier more now than ever to utilize our Zamp Solar Roof/Sidewall (ZS-RV-Roof/Sidewall) solar battery charging port that is pre-installed on many RV's and campers. The Zamp Solar Portable Solar Kits are quick to set up, plug in and charge. 

We're here to help, let us know if you have any questions. 

The Zamp Solar Portable panels are perfect for many applications.

 All Zamp portable panels are in stock!

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