UV Water Filtration Systems

UV Water Purification Systems for Homes, Cabins, RV's and Boats

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We are proud to present a full line of ultraviolet water purification systems for home, boat, RV and emergency / disaster relief applications. By combining .5 micron carbon filtration and the power of germicidal UV, these systems remove lead, chlorine, E. Coli, coliform bacteria, viruses, algae, foul tastes and odors, and many other contaminants. SAFH2O UV systems provide safe, clean water from nearly any water source. For users whose source water contains high amounts of salt, flourine, arsenic, or other dissolved solids, please contact us directly and we will work with you to design an affordable system to address your specific needs.
SAFH2O UV systems provide a safe, affordable and effective alternative to a reverse osmosis filter, distillation, ionization, ozonation, and bottled water. Whether you are looking for a system for your home, RV, or boat, or if your drinking water comes from a well or municipal supply, we have a model that will meet your needs.
Models are available in 120VAC and 12v for use with batteries. The Survivor Series provides portable solutions to water filtration.
THEY ARE HERE! The Survivor Pro systems are now available.  Combining the power and efficiency of SAFH2O UV's proven Model 512 systems, these units provide portable solutions for emergency response teams, missionary work, and anyone concerned with the safety and reliability of international and domestic drinking water supplies.  Both of these systems include a number of features to make them practical for field applications - FDA-approved inlet/out hoses with quick-release fittings, rugged handles and legs to allow quick relocation, quick-connect alligator clips to allow fast connection to any automotive/marine/RV battery, storage containers for all hoses, cables, replacement parts, and the same level of service and quality guarantee featured with every SAFH2O UV system. Priced at at fraction of any other competitive emergency water purifier system, while providing superior performance levels, the Survivor Pro systems are ready to provide safe and clean drinking water when and where it is needed most! Once again, SAFH2O UV proves that better doesn't have to cost more!
All SAFH2O UV systems are manufactured in Eldon, Missouri. We are proud supporters of the America Works campaign.


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