Sunstar C4P7.4SR 7.4Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Upright Refrigerator Freezer

Sunstar C4P7.4SR 7.4Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Upright Refrigerator Freezer

Model: C4P7.4SR

Brand: SunStar

Price: $2,420.00 $1,699.00 

Sunstar C4P7.4SR 7.4Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Refrigerator/Freezer

The SunStar Solar Refrigerator/Freezer is one of the most efficient units on the the market. Featuring a coated steel interior and a double gasket, it saves energy by sealing the tightest seal possible and has no cold loss and low frost build-up. SunStar Solar Refrigerator/Freezer units also feature a cooling fan for a faster cool-down and longer compressor life.

SunStar Appliances take a minimal amount of energy from the panel and from the battery pack- they can even work with your existing one!


Product Information

  • Nature of the Product: Off-grid, Home/ Cottage, Backup or Rural Living (RV).
  • Only need a 220W Solar Panel for operation.
  • No Inverters needed for operation
  • Adjustable Temperature Control

The SunStar Solar Refrigerator is a highly efficient refrigeration system with remarkably low energy consumption that needs smaller photovoltaic system. A proven, environmentally friendly solution for your refrigeration needs.

Product Features
Feature Product Size: 10.6 cu.ft.
Adjustable Thermostat:
Fridge Automatic Defrost: Auto
Freezer Manual Defrost: Manual
HFC free and FCK W free:
Coolant: R134a
Wide Climate (N~T):
Colour: White / Silver
External Handle:
Lock and Key:
Glass Shelf: x
External Condenser: x

Product Specifications
Product Size: 7.4 cu.ft.
Power: DC 12/24V
Capacity (Refrigerator): 6 cu.ft.
Capacity (Freezer): 1.4 cu.ft.
Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 10°C (32F ~ 50F) / -18°C ~ -23°C (-0.4F ~ -9.4F)
Energy Class (Star Rating):  A/A+
Certification: CE/ CB/ LFGB/ ROHS
Net/ Gross Weight: 42.5/47 kg 
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H): 21.65 x 22.44 x 56.3 in



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