Sunstar C4P6SR 6 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Refrigerator/Freezer

Sunstar C4P6SR 6 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Refrigerator/Freezer

Model: C4P6SR

Brand: SunStar

Price: $2,420.00 $1,599.00 

Sunstar C4P6SR 6 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Refrigerator/Freezer

The SunStar Solar Refrigerator/Freezer is one of the most efficient units on the the market. Featuring a coated steel interior and a double gasket, it saves energy by sealing the tightest seal possible and has no cold loss and low frost build-up. SunStar Solar Refrigerator/Freezer units also feature a cooling fan for a faster cool-down and longer compressor life.

SunStar Appliances take a minimal amount of energy from the panel and from the battery pack- they can even work with your existing one!

Features :

Top Refrigerator / Bottom Freezer

Unique Neutral Gray Style

Automatic Interior LED Lights

Adjustable Shelving In Refrigerator Compartment

Drawers Included In Freezer Compartment

New Compact Design

Solar Freeze Description

Total Volume - 169 Liters / 6 cu.ft.

Freezer Volume - 62 Liters / 2.2 cu.ft.

Refrigerator Volume - 107 Liters / 3.8 Cu. Ft.

Cooling System - Direct Cooling

Temperature Control - Mechanism

Rated Operating Voltage - 12V9.6 - 17V / 24V21 - 31.5V

Rated Current (A) - 5 / 2.5

Typical Power Draw - 40 Watt - 85 Watt

Refrigeration Agent - R134A

Blowing Agent - Cylopentane

Product Dimensions (in.) - W 21 / H 56.5 / L 20

Weight Per Carton - 82 lbs.

Shipping Weight - 125 lbs.

Performance Warranty - 1 Year

Energy Consumption Guide (based on a 24 hour time period)

Room Temp (Below) 

70°F (21°C) / 90°F (32°C)

Refrigerator + 35°F (+2°C)

361 WHR / 28. 8 AH   450 WHR / 36.07 AH

Freezer -10°F (-23°C)

209 WHR / 16.7 AH   261 WHR / 20.8 AH

Total WHR / AH

570 WHR / 45.5 AH   712 WHR / 57 AH

Tested at 12VDC - Tested with no door openings


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