Sunstar C4P14SCF 14 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Chest Freezer

Sunstar C4P14SCF 14 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Chest Freezer

Model: C4P14SCF

Brand: SunStar

Price: $2,180.00 $1,654.00 

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Sunstar C4P14SCF 14 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Chest Freezer

The SunStar Solar Freezer is one of the most efficient freezers on the the market. Featuring a coated steel interior and a double gasket, it saves energy by sealing the tightest seal possible and has no cold loss and low frost build-up. SunStar Solar Freezer units also feature a cooling fan for a faster cool-down and longer compressor life.

SunStar Appliances take a minimal amount of energy from the panel and from the battery pack- they can even work with your existing one! Cut those electric and gas bills down and use energy free fuel.

SunStar freezers come with 4.5 inches of polyurethane insulation. The units run on a 12 volt or 24 volt DC Battery (self sensing input voltage). With a drain hole and smooth walls, the solar freezers take only minutes to clean!
The SunStar Solar Freezers units conveniently come with either a refrigerator or freezer thermostat so that it is very easy to adjust the freezer to the temperature desired. With this alternative freezer using solar panel technology, you can easily save money on your high electric bills!!!

Product Information

  • Nature of the Product: Off-grid, Home/ Cottage, Backup or Rural Living (RV).
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • 4.5" Layer of Polyurethane Insulation
  • Double Gasket
  • No Inverters needed for operation.
  • Freeze food under the sun
  • Very minimal run time

Energy consumption @ 24hr period

+32°F(+0°C)              +8°F(-13°C)              +0°F(-18°C)
336WHR/25.5AH      466WHR/37AH         581WHR/43.5AH
423WHR/32AH         584WHR/43.5AH      763WHR/59AH
(tested @ 12VDC) tested with no door openings
Freezer Technical Specifications
Product Size: 14 cu.ft.
Power: DC 12/24V
Freezer Capacity: 14 cu.ft.
Working Temperature: -15°C ~ -22°C / 5°F ~ 7.6°F
Input Power (W): 90-150
Power Consumption:  1.46
Refrigerant R-134a Amount: 220g/ 0.49 lbs
Net Weight: 82kg/ 181lbs
Exterior Dimensions: 135cm x 80cm x 95cm / 53.1" x 31.5" x 37.2"


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