Sunstar C4P11.1SR 11.1 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Upright Refrigerator Freezer

Sunstar C4P11.1SR 11.1 Cu.ft. 12/24VDC Upright Refrigerator Freezer

Model: C4P10.6SR

Price: $2,420.00 $2,199.00

  Date Added: 04/02/2015

The refrigerator was delivered on Wed 3/25 as scheduled, about 2:30pm. We inspected the carton, removed the carton and inspected the frig carefully before accepting, as you had cautioned. Everything seemed in good condition on the exterior. We did find corrosion on the compressor housing and the bottom frame of the frig, under the compressor (see photos attached), which appears to be the result of the unit being subject to corrosive moisture (is salt water) during warehousing and/or shipping to the US. As we were setting the unit into place, looking across the frig door at a flat angle, and catching the light just right, we did discover two small (finger size) indentations that were not previously visible. These were near the left edge of the frig door, about halfway up. There was no indication of damage on the carton, such as creasing, puncture or indentation, so it may be that these two indentations were made in the door at the factory prior to crating. I’m just informing you of the condition, as you requested, not asking for an adjustment. You should pass this info along to the mfg. reps.

We removed the old frig, remodeled the cabinet space, insulated the cabinet with 1 ½” foil-backed polyisocyanurate rigid insulation, built a short platform to keep frig off the floor and to provide for airflow thru a vent in front across the compressor and up the back (in addition to the larger vent in the exterior wall of the cabinet space) and out a roof vent. The venting can be assisted by two independently-switched 12v pancake fans mounted in the roof vent. We won’t know whether these external fans will be necessary until we operate the unit in extremely hot weather, but other vendors of these types of 12vDC off-grid refrigerators say that additional insulation around the outside of the frig can cut electrical consumption by up to 50%.

The frig was turned on 2 hours after set in place, as directed by the owner’s manual, and in 45 minutes, the box was 50 degrees F. In two hours, the frig box was at 32 degrees, and the freezer at 0 degrees. We adjusted the thermostat down from 5 to 3. The next morning at 7:00am, before the direct sun hit our solar panels, the house battery bank voltage was 12.6, only 1/10 volt below full charge. The box temperatures were 38 and 0 degrees respectively. Good initial performance, with the real test coming in hotter weather.

We are pleased with the appearance of the unit, both exterior and interior (see photos). The unit seems to operate quietly. The one included ice tray is so small and would make such small cubes (about a ½” cube) as to be considered a joke. They might as well not included it.

Thank you for your sales assistance, and for insuring that the unit arrived in time (and providing the freight tracing info. I did track it to Flagstaff, AZ the morning of the 25th, then just held my breath the final leg of transport, as there was no way to call to inquire).

One final question: Another vendor of this refrigerator wrote in an email that “the freezer has a duo-action thermostat” whereby the freezer can be operated as a refrigerator if desired. I didn’t find a separate freezer thermostat, and the owner’s manual with the Sun Star C4P10.6 SR model says nothing about this. Is there any truth that the freezer can be operated as a refrigerator, i.e. in the 33-50 degree range, along with the refrigerator compartment? If so, how can this be accomplished? The ability to use the freezer space as refrigerator space would be useful in our operation of the houseboat, as we also have a small chest freezer on the boat.


Robert Lea

by robert Lea

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