SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld California was founded in March 2005 and expanded in July 2006 with the acquisition of Shell Solar Industries’ solar manufacturing facilities that had been operating in the USA since 1977. The factory, originally opened by ARCO Solar, later sold to Siemens Solar and then Shell, was purchased by SolarWorld in 2006.

Headquartered in Camarillo, CA, SolarWorld California maintains ingot and cell production in their new plant in Hillsboro, OR, and module production facilities in the Camarillo facility. SolarWorld California modules are made in the USA ensuring high quality, performance and output. SolarWorld California is the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the U.S.

Construction and Performance

These SolarWorld PV modules are designed for use in high-voltage grid-tie applications, using 60 six-inch semi-square single-crystalline cells in series behind tempered glass. They feature clear- or black-anodized aluminum frames and a sealed junction box with bypass diodes and Multi-Contact MC4 locking connector and PV Wire output cables.

The Sunmodule is certified to meet or exceed the safety and design requirements of UL 1703 and IEC 61215. All U.S. Sunmodules are produced in the ISO 9001:2000 certified Camarillo, California facility. SolarWorld offers end-of-life module recycling for all Sunmodules.

Sunmodules have a +/-3% power tolerance.

SolarWorld bonds the tempered glass laminate deep into the aluminum frame with a continuous bead of silicone adhesive. This method guarantees exceptional rigidity for the entire module and prevents the frame from loosening or pulling away from the glass caused by sliding of heavy snow or handling. Tests carried out in accordance with IEC 61215, which applies loads of up to 113 lb/sf (5.4 kN/m2), demonstrate that the module can withstand the high loads that accompany heavy accumulations of snow and ice.


Sunmodules have a 10-year 90% power warranty and 25-year 80% power warranty. UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada.

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