Solar Motor "SunTracer OG+" with backstructure / 0135 / SM3SPMOG+

Solar Motor \"SunTracer OG+\" with backstructure / 0135 / SM3SPMOG+

Model: SM3SPMOG+


Price:  $471.45 

Solar Tracker "SunTracer OG+" SM3SPMOG+

The Sun Tracer Tracker is great for cabins, tiny homes, rvs  and for small solar water pumping systems.

Lead time is 1-2 weeks from order placement.

The Sun Tracer Tracker must be supplied with power from a 12 VDC power supply either using a seperate supply small battery or from solar panel if 12vdc. Suitable for panels up to dimensions 2m x 1m (usually 1 x 60 cell panel)

Max Wind resistance is 130km/h.  All metal gear parts inside ensure long life

Main pole support is not included in this solar tracker package! You can buy it separatelly and is normally available from any steel supplier. Size suggested is

Solar tracker anti-shadowing software function included.

Real energy measurement of two equal solar panels (fixed and motorized)

  • Two equal sized solar panels were exposed to the sun and electrical power was measured.
  • Test conditions:      
  • Solar panels (both):    200W (producer spec. at AM 1.5)
  • Date:                       July 2005
  • Time:                       4:00 to 20:00 (sun time)
  • Geo. Latitude:           46° N
  • Weather conditions:   sunny, but not totally clear
  • Results:       
  • Average energy of fixed:                836,8Wh
  • Average energy of motorized:        1354,0Wh
  • Note: sum of motor energy consumption through all day is 20Wh or 1.45% of all collected energy.

Efficiency of motorized panel: 160%


  • Graphic chart of the motor shaft's torque



General group of features included in product: SunTracer OG+
Number of motion axis: Single-Axis
Astronimic tracking algorithm: Yes, but only one axis
CPV usage (concentrated PV usage): Yes, but only a straight one or straight parabolic
Real time clock & date with bck. batt.: Yes
USB or RS485 interface to PC: Yes
Type of networking communication: RS485
Type of application program for supervision and setting: Web monitor via Helios analytics
Setting via PC: Yes
Monitoring via PC: Yes
Upgrading via PC: Yes
Controling & driving via PC: Yes
Expected life time: 800-1000h of motor operation (DC motor replace on 8 years if each day one cycle), backup battery replace on 3-5 years if battery in, all other 15 years
Hour angle: 92°; 46° East - 46° West
Guarantee time: 2 years


Mechanical Capabilities
Number of turning axis Single-Axis
Hour Angle Limit 92˚ typical / 100˚ max., software and hardware limit (46° E to 46° W)
Elevation angle 75° manual fixation
Type of hour-angle motor Brush DC motor with position encoder on cogwheel
Type of elevation-angle motor /
Hour-angle shaft diameter and length Ø40 mm, L=1150 mm (steel)
Turning speed of hour angle shaft 0,3°/s ± 25% @ 12V at no load
Turning speed of elevation shaft /
Max. dynamic torque of the hour-angle shaft 65 Nm
Max. dynamic torque of elevation shaft /
Destructive torque of the hour-angle shaft >200 Nm
Destructive torque of elevation shaft /
Backstructure size 2 pcs of 1000 (H) mm
Type of backstructure clamp Toothed scissors gripers - 4 pcs
Tube diameter for mounting Ø50 - 60 mm
Max. dimensions of a solar panel 1 piece of 2,0 m x 1,0 m in total 2,0 m2
Max. weight of a solar panel 1 pc per 25 kg
Estimated service life 800-1000h of motor operation (DC motor replace on 8 years if each day one cycle), backup battery replace on 3-5 years if battery in, all other 15 years
Positioning System Data
Tracking accuracy <0.5˚
Operating Protocol TdAPS (Time derived Astronomical Positioning System)
Type of Positioning System Servo driver positioner with TdAPS arc logic function calculation
Type of positioner Solar Positioner POZ SOL 27E
Type of timer GMT clock with EOT and calendar
Type of application program for supervision and setting Solar tracking system monitor via Helios analytics
Setting and changing data via PC Yes
Monitoring possibility via PC Yes
Turned on the position sent from PC Yes, it turn on position sent from PC, also all other setting can be commanded with string sent from PC
Turning time interval 1 minute (0,25°)
Communication Data
Type of communication interface USB interface since beginning of the January 2010, before RS232
Networking solution for control from centre RS485
Firmware - Software
Upgrading possibility via PC Yes, firmware via PC with help of Helios analytics
Electrical Data
Motor Power Supply Recommended 12 VDC (working from 10 to 15 VDC), (1A current capacity @ 12V)
Backup battery CR 1225 coin
Max. consumption during the operation of the hour-angle shaft 1000 mA @ 65 Nm
Max. Current of elevation shaft /
Standby consumption (when is not moving) 35 mA ± 25% @ 12V
Power supply connection 1 piece of 2 Wire Cable with an Internal Cu Conductor of 1,0 mm2 (not included with kit)
Junction box /
Environmental Data
Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C
Operation at humidity 0% to 100%, relative humidity
Max. safe wind speed max. 130km/h
Corrosion, weather and chemical resistance
Neutral Salt Spray (3000 h, EN ISO 9227 NSS) Epoxy powder coating
Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG, EN ISO 1461) Arms
Dimensions of a packed product 1 box of 1200 (L) x 115 (W) x 200 (H) mm
Product weight 11,5 kg when Steel arms, 8.8 kg when Alu arms
Quality Certificates
International Protection Rating (IEC 60529) IP63, water resistant
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC Directive 89/336/EEC) Yes
Low Voltage Equipment Directive (EEC Council Directive 73/23/EEC) Yes
Optional Properties
Anti-Shadowing Function Yes
Heliostat usage No

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