Power Predictor Solar Energy and Wind Anemometer Device

Power Predictor Solar Energy and Wind Anemometer Device

Model: PowerPred

Brand: Better Generation

Price: $249.00 

Power Predictor Solar Energy and Wind Anemometer Device

The Power Predictor measures both solar and wind energy at your site. It comes with a data logger and one year's free access to an online account where your data will be analyzed. The report compares your data to major wind turbines and solar panels on the market today. It quantifies your potential payback period, annual energy generation, cost savings and effect on your carbon footprint. See video below for more information!


* Assesses the suitability of your site for renewable energy, specifically solar and wind.
* Allows you to cheaply and easily collect real life solar and wind data from your site.
* Produces customized power reports for your site including carbon savings and annual energy generation estimates.
* Informs you how much money you could save by installing a wind turbine or solar panels before you buy, avoiding expensive mistakes. 


* 3-cup pulse anemometer
* Data logger included
* Accurate to +/- 3% in independently verified tests
* Wind vane for measuring prevailing wind direction and turbulence (requires correct orientation)
* Solar sensor for recording sunshine hours
* 5m cable (6m extension cable available seperately)
* PP3 9V battery supplied, lasts over six months in normal conditions
* Self contained waterproof data logger engineered for low power operation
* Rugged UV resistant ABS plastic
* LCD screen provides live windspeed and solar indication
* 512 MB SD memory card included with USB adapter
* Power Predictor web application works through your browser - with PC or Mac
* Requires USB 1.0 or 2.0 port on your computer
* Minimum 30 days data required before report generated
* RoHS compliant and fully CE certified
* Masts available separately
* Additional 1 year licenses available from Better Generation should you wish to use your Predictor for more than a year.


Aren't there other ways to find out this information?  Can't I just use the modelled data online? 

There are various other ways to calculate the power at your site but these are significantly more expensive and/or much less accurate and comprehensive.  Various alternative solutions include expensive anemometers (in excess of $1000, and only measure wind) or a visit of a consultant (more expensive and doesn't take a long term picture).  Modelled data alone cannot be relied upon as it does not consider local obstructions and is accurate only to a sq kilometre.

I know someone who had an installer come and calculate the potential of their site.  Isn't that more reliable?
Excluding the cost, which is likely to be several hundred pounds for a few hours of their time, this method is unlikely to take into account an ongoing analysis, as the Power Predictor does.  For example, if the installer visits on a particularly windy day they may overestimate the wind power potential of your site or underestimate the solar power potential if it's overcast.

Isn't $249 expensive?
This price is much cheaper than anything similar on the market - about a fifth of comparable devices - whilst providing a more comprehensive and easy to use solution.  The cost include the sensor, the data recorder, and a twelve month software license to analyse your data at www.powerpredictor.com.  With the Power Predictor you can unlock the potential of your site or avoid a costly mistake by spending thousands on renewable energy technology for an inappropriate site.

How is it so cheap?
It has taken 2 years of research and development to get the cost this low.  Our years of expertise in the wind and solar industries, offering independent advice of various third party solutions have placed us in a unique position to develop a low cost, highly accurate site assessment device.

Do I need planning permission?  Is it an eyesore?

You should not need planning permission to mount the Power Predictor as it is a temporary structure. As ever, check with your local authority but it is a small device, no larger than a crow.  Far from being an eyesore, many people see it as a positive lifestyle statement.

How long does the site license last for?
The Power Predictor comes with a one-year site license, which is valid for one main site and two sub-sites. 
Does it take long to install?
Often it can only take a few minutes to install your Power Predictor. If you are mounting it on a pole it may take longer.


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