Lithium Ion Batteries

Venture Volt Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

The Venture Volt Power Bank offers more portable power for its size than almost any other device on the market today. Imagine using your computer, charging your tablet, charging your smartphone, powering your sleep apnea machine, communications equipment, ham radios, charging your drone, charging cameras, anywhere! In fact, the Venture Volt power bank has a cigarette lighter style 12v power port and can power just about anything with a 12v male power plug. The Venture Volt Power Bank features fast charging USB (2A), and the 12v output is rated at 15A, which is over twice the power rating of most of our competitors!

This means that the Venture Volt Power Bank can handle even your most power-hungry devices.

Naked™ Lithium-ion Battery Packs

AllCell’s Naked™ batteries are simplicity at its finest.  Ideally suited for customers who would like to avoid investing in a custom-designed solution, Naked packs are built with basic high quality components, keeping costs low while delivering premium performance.  Every Naked battery is protected by AllCell’s proprietary PCC™ thermal management material, optimizing cycle life and safety.

Battery Management System
Each Naked pack comes standard with a basic battery management system that ensures safety and consistent performance, including the following features:

  • Cell balancing
  • Short circuit protection
  • High temperature cutoff
  • Overcurrent cutoff
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overdischarge protection

AllCell’s premium BMS is available as an upgrade for customers requiring CAN communication, programmable protection and communication parameters, or more precise state of charge calculation.

Energy and Power Options
Most Naked products are available with either high power or high energy lithium-ion cells, providing the flexibility to match a wide range of demanding requirements.  As cell manufacturers continue to increase cell capacity and power those improved cells will be integrated into the Naked product line as soon as they become cost effective.

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