Fronius IG DataLogger Easy Box 4240103

Fronius IG DataLogger Easy Box 4240103

Model: 030-03435

Brand: Fronius

Price: $375.00 $309.00 

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Fronius IG DataLogger Easy Box 4240103

The Datalogger is the system's information collector. It is the interface between inverter (via Com Card) and PC. Here the data is bundled and pre-processed for the Fronius IG.access software.

The Datalogger is available either as a plug-in card or box. Both are simply plugged into the inverter using the plug & play principle. The Datalogger Pro can record and store large amounts of data regarding your system and sensor performance and can record data from up to 100 different Fronius IG inverters and 10 Sensor Boxes. The plug-in card must be located within a USB cable distance of the computer, the box can bridge a distance of up to 1 km.

The Datalogger easy was created for small systems with only one Fronius IG inverter. It has the same functions as its big brother � Datalogger pro � but is restricted to one inverter. Low-cost and high-power.


The Datalogger Box/Card works in conjunction with your COM Card to allow you access to your system's operation information over a PC either via modem, or through an RS 232 port on the Datalogger Box.

The FRONIUS IG DatCom System

Fronius offers the most robust data monitoring and analysis package available, and has a wide array of components to assist you in collecting information about your system's performance. The Fronius data monitoring system, also known as the DatCom system, helps you keep track of information such as cumulative energy output, system voltage, and irradiance, just to name a few parameters.

Homeowners find this information helpful in analyzing their system's performance over extended periods to ensure their system is operating as advertised, and to corroborate the amount of energy sold back to the utility. Public facilities use this information to display system performance to the general public, while schools use the DatCom system to help with science curricula and educational projects and to compare their systems with those in other cities.

The DatCom system's features include:

  • Complete Analysis Tools Package
  • Remote System Access
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • Cost effective

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