ET10-240-12 Enphase Trunk Cable Kit Portrait 12 Connectors includes, disconnect

ET10-240-12 Enphase Trunk Cable Kit Portrait 12 Connectors includes, disconnect

Model: 052-10001

Brand: Enphase

Price: $299.00 

ET10-240-12 Enphase Trunk Cable Kit Portrait 12 connectors includes, disconnect tool, terminator, cap and 20 Cable clips  for M215 M250, 240VAC

Enphase 240VAC Portrait Engage Cabling

Connectors: 12
Voltage: 240VAC
Layout: Portrait
Manufacturer Part Number: ET10-240-12

The M215 M250 incorporates DC connectors and an AC connector. There is no integral AC cable on the M215 M250. The Enphase Cabling System accomplishes the AC connection.
  • The Cabling System is a continuous length of 12 AWG, outdoor rated cable, with integrated connectors for microinverters. These connectors are preinstalled along the entire cable and spaced to accommodate both portrait and landscape PV module orientations.
  • The cable is installed by simply rolling out the desired length of cable and cutting it to size. One end is wired directly into the junction box at the head of the branch circuit, eliminating the need for a separate AC interconnect cable. The other end is sealed from the environment using an Enphase Branch Terminator. The M215 M250 AC cable connectors are then plugged into the regularly-spaced connectors.
  • The Enphase Cabling System is available in two connector spacing options and two voltage types. Depending upon installer needs, the cabling is also available in a variety of lengths.
  • Connector Spacing Options
  • The gap between connectors on the cable can be either 1.025 meters (40 in.) or 1.7 meters (67 in.). The 1.025 meter spacing is best suited for connecting PV modules installed in portrait mode, while the 1.7 meter gap is best suited to PV modules installed in landscape mode.
  • Voltage Types and Conductor Count
  • The voltage types are either 240VAC split phase or 208VAC three phase. All cable connectors bear labels indicating their cable voltage designation. Typically used for residential applications, 240VAC includes four conductors. This cabling should also be used for split phase 208VAC applications. Three-phase 208VAC cabling includes five conductors, and is used for most commercial installations. Because Enphase microinverters output onto two phases, three phase cabling balances the phases by rotating conductor use from one microinverter to the next.

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