Xantrex XW4548 120/240 VAC 4500 Watt 48 V Hybrid Inverter-Charger

Xantrex XW4548 120/240 VAC 4500 Watt 48 V Hybrid Inverter-Charger

Model: 030-01163

Price: $3,250.00 $2,807.00 

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Xantrex XW4024 120/240VAC 4000 Watt 24v Hybrid Inverter Charger

The Xantrex XW Series hybrid inverter/charger offers an innovative, integrated design which minimizes external balance-of-system components allowing for much quicker and easier installation. The XW Series offers pure sine-wave capability as well as split-phase operation right out of the box for 120 VAC and/or 240 VAC solutions. Up to three units can be operated in parallel, offering 18 kW, 120/240 VAC power.

Certified to UL-1741 and CSA for grid-tie applications, the XW can be used as a grid-tie battery-backup inverter or an off-grid inverter. One or two XW MPPT charge controllers are required for PV grid-tie operation.

Unsurpassed surge capacity is achieved by using digital control to regulate the output voltage from dropping during surge. A full 200% rated output power is delivered to load under surge conditions. Efficient, power-factor-corrected, high-current multi-stage battery charging minimizes recharge time and electricity/fuel costs, and prolongs battery life.

The inverter display panel give status-at-a-glance. LEDs indicate AC-in status, faults/warnings, equalize mode, and battery state of charge. Three-character LCD indicates output power or charge current.

The new wall-mount design is easier to install than the SW power panel. The power distribution panel includes all AC/DC disconnects and wiring so there is no need to individually purchase separate components. The distribution panel and conduit box is factory wired and labeled to support one inverter in a code-compliant manner, and it has wiring space and conduit and breaker knockouts to add up to three inverters and/or four charge controllers. Field-reversible door with magnetic catch makes access to wiring easy. Options include an XW connection kit for a second inverter, an XW conduit box for systems with more than two inverters or to retrofit XW inverters into existing systems which already have AC/DC disconnects. Conduit box/raceway has barriers to ensure separation between low-voltage communication cables and AC and DC wires.

XW-MPPT60-150 60A Solar Charge Controller with integrated PV ground fault protection accepts arrays with open-circuit voltage up to 150 VAC and employs dynamic maximum power point tracking. The XW system control panel plugs into Xanbus network and provides a central user interface to configure and monitor all components in the system.

5-year warranty. Dimensions of the inverter are 16" x 23" x 9". The inverter is field-serviceable without needing to remove it from the wall.

Xantrex XW true sine wave inverter
features comparison chart

Continuous output power 6,000W 4,500W 4,000W
Surge rating (10 second) 12,000W 9,000W 8,000W
Low load efficiency 95% 95% 95%
Idle consumption search mode <8W <8w <8w
AC connections AC1(grid)
AC voltage 120/240Vac
split phase
split phase
split phase
AC input breaker 60A 2 pole 60A 2 pole 60A 2 pole
Utility interactive yes yes yes
CEC weighted efficiency 92.5% 93% 91%
CEC power rating 5752W 4500W 4000W
AC output voltage L-N:120Vac +/- 3%; L-L:240Vac +/- 3%
AC output frequency 60+/-0.1Hz 60+/-0.1Hz 60+/-0.1Hz
DC current at rated power 130A 96A 178A
Total harmonic distortion <5% <5% <5%
Automatic transfer relay 60A 60A 60A
Typical transfer time 8ms 8ms 8ms
Maximum continuous charge rate 89.4% 90.2% 85.8%
Multiple unit configurations Up to 3 parallel units in 120/240V split phase config.
Auxiliary relay output 0-12V DC, maximum 250 mA DC
Non-volatile memory yes yes yes
System network Xanbus™
(publish-subscribe network, no need for hubs or special cards)
Mounting wall mount, backplate included
Dimensions (HxWxD) 23"x16"x9" 23"x16"x9" 23"x16"x9"
Weight 125 lb. 115 lb. 115 lb.
Shipping weight 132 lb. 122 lb. 122 lb.
Display panel Status LEDs indicate AC-in status, faults/warnings, equalize mode, battery level.  3 Character display indicates output power or charge current, fault/warning codes. On/off and equalize buttons.
Battery temp. sensor included included included
Operational temp. range -13 to 158°F -13 to 158°F -13 to 158°F
Standard warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years




















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